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Adolescence is a stage in a person’s life between childhood and adulthood with much personal growth- physical, psychological and social.  Adolescence is marked by two significant changes in physical development. • First – physiological changes or dramatic change in size and shape. • Second – the inception of puberty.

Psycho-Social Development is key factor -  spending more time with their friends than with their family, keeping a diary, locking up their rooms, become involved in multiple hobbies, become more argumentative, would not want to be seen with their parents in public etc.

Now they become vulnerable to many forms of trouble. As adolescents try new behaviors, they become vulnerable to injury, legal consequences, and sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, traumatic injuries, particularly from car and motorcycle accidents, ett..


Early maturing girls are likely to start dating. Teens tend to assume that if they engage in the physical act, the emotional attachment will follow.

Parents and their adolescents clash over almost everything. Adolescents want to feel in control of their lives. Break up with boy/girl friendship, Increased arguments with parents ,Trouble with brother or sister ,Increased arguments between parents , Change in parents’ financial status ,Serious illness or injury of family member , and Trouble with classmates leads, all makes vulnerable to feelings of tension, frustration, worry, sadness and withdrawal which give hopelessness, sadness, isolation, worry and worthlessness. Depression is more severe and longer lasting.

The pressure exerted by a friends or group encourages a person to change their attitude, behavior and/or morals, or outlook on life. e.g. take drugs, smoke etc.

The local television, cable television,  the internet, the 3G technology in handsets, Video, CD and DVD players, name it, are all now at our very disposal. Adolescents have a delicate innocence that can be easily influenced, traumatized and subsequently spoil mind set. Once they have imbibed something negative, it becomes almost impossible to change them which can destroy their lives.

Most parents are often too busy and show only some extra interest in what their children are affected.

Parents and their adolescents clash over almost everything


Behavior Problems in Adolescent

  • Social non adjustment
  • "Brittle" or fragile emotional temperament
  • Refusal to attend to college
  • Poor and no interest in study
  • Demanding and selfish attitude
  • Disregard for rules, responsibilities and family
  • Erratic or emotionally unstable behavior
  • Poor hygiene and grooming
  • Behavior is disrespectful
  • Involved in high risk activities
  • Using alcohol or other drugs
  • Stealing or theft
  • Destructive, threatening or violent behavior
  • Self-harming or suicidal behavior

(N.B. one can trace the cause to one or more factors. Identifying these factors we can remove the cause and get appropriate response and the potential solution).

Adolescents live in a very special world.   They have continuous changes of their hormones, physics and mental state. It can be very frightening and confusing for them. Things that appear simple or immaterial to an adult may feel like huge problems to a young person, leading to conflicts and misunderstandings.

There is a sense of helplessness and the feeling that ‘no one understands me’, resulting in a perception of the world as a big and threatening place. They may feel that they don’t know what they want or what to do about their future.

Using coaching methods by NLP can gently ease out the roots of these problems. These result in empowerment of the young person with the feeling of being in control and able to find a ways in which to cope with, and to overcome their problems. A feeling of security can return, bringing a great sense of relief to the youngster and parents. NLP is must for all adolescent.

It is quite usual and commonly understandable that adolescent can have depression, anxiety or be addicted to different substances. Parents forget very often that our kids and adolescents have to fight for their happiness too and they also have some issues to adjust to the modern world.

We, adults, study to learn how to be a great businessman, accountant, social person, or doctor. We do not learn how to become a great parent for our kids, so sometimes we just do not know how to talk with them and how to help them when they have some problems. We rush for help the surrounding but neglect our own adolescent and child.

If you observe that something wrong is going on with your kids just react and do not wait too long. There are too many suicide attempts to close your eyes on your own kids problems. Everything can be solved. Sometimes there is only a question of few meetings and an open communication.

What are the Solutions?

  • The first step is to define the problem and a cause.
  • Self-help
  • Parenting education and training and advice
  • Individual counseling
  • Special education
  • Outdoor activities
  • Medical intervention
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro Linguistic Programme


Diagnosis can be misleading.

One of the least useful and potentially harmful is to rely entirely on a diagnosis. A diagnosis alone can be misleading. Many problems are not solved because the problem was diagnosed. The diagnosis suggestes an approach that is inadequate and unfocused.

There can be many sources and causes for a particular problem. A traumatic experience can result in many different problems in family. The behaviors associated with attention deficits can be caused by many things. A child who is living in an abusive home may be depressed and emotionally withdrawn. There are many potential outcomes and approaches, and these can vary with each family, their beliefs, values, attitudes, culture, ethnicity and their resources. Parents need to have good behaviour is the most important part of the solution.

The Power of Parenting and Family.

Parents and family members can have the most powerful impact on adolescent’s behavior, attitude and approach to life. Why? Because a therapist can only provide an exceptional environment for an hour or some time while parents are with them for all the time.

Therapy and counseling can never replace the essential role of parents or a family. It only support those roles. But if parents are unwilling or unable to become involved with their child or in therapy, then therapy can provide the support that some children desperately need.

Friends and Social Pressure.

Adolescent are profoundly influenced by their peers. Children learn behaviors and will adopt the attitude of other children. Children get approval, advice and even direction for their life. Independence and separation from parents is now a natural process. But attitudes may become hostile, and values can become lost when parents become less involved with their children. Children begin to think the way they talk with their friends. Children tend to become what they think about.


Counseling and Therapy

I use very successfully Neuro Linguistic Programme and Hypnotherapy. I have good command over the techniques. So the adolescent with start of the therapy has good satisfaction and start to cooperate me. I provide an environment of activities that bring about change – almost like exercise. This gives excellent result. And will resolve the problem very easily.

Counseling and therapy is a mixed bag as far as solutions go. Counseling usually results in a self realization. Adolescent gets educated, gather informations and become actively invested in understanding the problems.

Counseling like role modeling, role-playing, analyzing interaction, and practicing new techniques interact positively. Now adolescent is likely to experience new motivation to improve their social life.

He learns how to resolve conflict without resorting to physical fights, and how to avoid becoming the target of others’ aggression. By counseling identify his own anger cues and he brainstorm in advance about the positive solutions he can apply to future conflicts. He can learn to “talk himself down” (“I’m going to take three deep breaths and think about my best choice in this situation before lashing out.”). (“How about if we go tution first and then see a movie?”), (“OK, you can drive, but then I get to decide on the restaurant.”), (“I’m starving. You want to get some good food?”).

Hypnotherapy for Adolescence

Hypnotherapy helps for all kind of anxiety or fear, performance anxiety like test-taking, public speaking, sports, for chronic illness; phobia; Hypnotherapy helps with anything that involves letting go of problematic memories.Hypnotherapy can help in the following areas - Spirit: Bodily problems: (menstrual cramps; asthma; skin problems; headaches) Mind: beliefs about oneself which block learning, growth and healthy self-esteem. Emotions: trauma of a accident, fire or assault; fears and phobias, which are numerous in adults. Social: It can help with friendship skills; setting healthy boundaries.

I use a therapeutic technique called Pediatric Hypnosis to help children and adolescents deal with the anxiety,  pain , manage stress,  problem solve and chronic conditions. I also use for depression, separation anxiety from friends, fears, sleep disorders, medical problems such as asthma, stomachaches. This method involves teaching how to do deep relaxation, then helping them narrow their focus of concentration, utilizing all of their senses for the purpose of enhancing feelings of mastery and getting self control.

Hypnosis effectively engages the subconscious mind—that part connected with behavior patterns, emotions, and memories—which is the seat of the imagination. Children are so adept at using their imagination that they are said to be in a state of hypnosis much of the time. They are masters at daydreaming, playing "pretend," and engaging in "make believe." That ability allows them to easily visualize, sense, or feel the things that are suggested to help them resolve an issue. Teenagers tend to be more analytical.  Their curiosity about hypnosis, their imagination, and desire to make changes generally make them good candidates for this treatment.


“You are the Gardener of Your Own Being."

Hypnosis focuses on building their belief of themselves, practicing and reinforcing successful behaviors, and letting them "experience" the benefits. Imagine what a wonderful treatment this is - it will prepare adolescent to travel on life’s journey. Young people who are introduced to hypnosis apply themselves to . . .

  • Be more relaxed
  • Feel competent and capable
  • Focus more easily
  • Feel empowered
  • Creatively problem solve
  • Feel equipped to handle challenges


Allopathic medication

Psychiatric medications for behavioral and mental health problems will treat the symptoms and not the cause. Medications do not cure psychological, emotional and behavioral problems. Psychiatric medications that are used to treat depression, anxiety, mood swings, attention deficits, hyperactivity and disorganized thinking always damage another part of a adolescent’s body and brain. These "side-effects" have the long term impact on mental growth.

So one should be cautious about the use of medications to treat behavioral problems.
More importantly, a adolescent’s personality and attitude in life will be damaged if that adolescent’s is left in a depressed, anxious or otherwise dysfunctional state for an extended period of time otherwise that would destroy a adolescent’s attitude toward life.

Homeopathic medication

Our body is always changing – each and every day. Not only are our bodies growing and maturing however, so are our personalities. However, there is the addition of a crucially important element at this time – the sex hormones. Puberty brings about enormous changes in the shape of these children’s bodies. Homeopathic medicines can help stimulate the healing system to deal with the hormonal changes naturally and so reduce the harmful impacts on the body that produce these problems. “Constitutional” homeopathic medicines which are commonly indicated at this time will help the adolescent in long way. homeopathic medicines are must for every adolescent.


Untreated depression can result in emotional, behavioral and health problems that affect every area of life. Complications related to depression can include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Academic problems
  • Family conflicts and relationship difficulties
  • Social isolation
  • Involvement with the juvenile justice system
  • Suicide

Difficult to treat cases

  • negative self-esteem, obesity, peer problems – bad surrounding friends, long-term bullying or academic problems
  • presences of other conditions - anxiety disorder, anorexia, (ADHD) or learning disabilities
  • has been the victim or witness of violence, such as physical or sexual abuse
  • Having a chronic medical illness such as cancer, diabetes or asthma
  • certain personality traits, such as low self-esteem or being overly dependent, self-critical or pessimistic
  • Having Abusing alcohol, nicotine or other drugs
  • Being a girl — depression occurs more often in females than in males
  • Having a parent, grandparent or other biological (blood) relative with depression, bipolar disorder or alcoholism
  • Having a family member who committed suicide
  • Having a dysfunctional family and conflicting parents
  • Having experienced recent stressful life events, such as parental divorce, or the death of a loved one

My own experience

  • The sooner an adolescent’s depression, anxiety, anger, substance use, etc, is recognized, the greater the chances that the situation can be resolved before worse problems develop.
  •  No one therapist is a miracle worker, and no one treatment works for everyone.parental cooperation and interest in treatment is very valuable.
  • Talk therapy is often a good initial treatment of depression. Over the course of therapy, your adolescent depression may resolve.
  • The human brain develops rapidly in young adults, and exposure to antidepressants drugs may impact that development—particularly the way the brain manages stress and regulates emotions. antidepressants drugs interfere with normal functioning of brain chemical.
  • Supporting a teen and adolescent - Be understanding. Encourage physical activity. Encourage social activity. Stay involved in treatment. Are the key for successful outcome.

So be patient. Rejoice in small improvements and prepare for the occasional setback. Most importantly, don’t judge yourself or compare your family to others. As long as you’re doing your best to get your teen the necessary help, you’re doing your job perfectly.



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