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Do not suffer from chronic diseases for yourself or in your family and get total cure to remove root cause of disease.

In today’s world of commercialism, people often miss out effective therapies, and lack the information and support they need.

Through my vision, commitment to serve and determination I give complete and guaranteed cure for any disease.


Life's Achivemets

Dr. Prakash Shah

Life's Achievements


I am Dr. Prakash Shah,79 Yrs. I am presenting to you my short Testimony. As such, I have long testimony but I make it simple and readable.

I come from an orthodox Jain family, my father’s – mother’s - in-laws - all are Jain. I stay in Jain society-100% Jains only. Just opposite my house is a big Jain temple- Jain Derasar.

This is a very surprising testimony that Jesus was knowing me from my birth but I was not knowing Jesus, now whatever I write here is all because of Jesus only.

When I was 4 years old, I was in Mt. Carmel girl's school, this is only for girls but in the nursery, boys were also admitted. One school teacher was taking care of me. I still remember her face, which was starting with Christianity Culture
Now I am quoting only some of my Testimony.

  1. I derived a great lesson for the incident of Drawnacharya Teaching Pandav- Kaurav. Drawnacharya taught Pandava- Kaurav Dhanush Vidya. In the end He took the exam. He put an artificial bird on a tree. And asked each to aim at the eye of a bird.

    He called one by one all students to aim and target the bird's eye. What do you see? All said they see the bird's eye, tree, sky ...etc.  Only Arjun said He is seeing only the eyes of a bird.

    This means he only will be able to get targets who see no other things except the target.
    This story stuck in my brain very much and from that day I learned a lesson and I only aimed for my target. That is my working style today also. I always get what I desire. There is no substitute for Hard Work.

  2. I was in a boys’ High School where the principal and many teachers were from a Jain background.
    In my entire life, I never had less than 70% of marks, right from 1st standard to MD.

  3. During my lifetime I had contested many difficult elections-my opponents were strong but in all elections, I had the thumping majority. I contestant for and then enjoyed the following important positions:
    (1) President- Baroda Medical Association
    (2) President- Gujarat State I.M.A. (Medical Association)
    (3) President of Obstetric & Gynaecologist society, Baroda
    (4) Vice President- FOGSI- (All India Obstetric & Gynaecologist Society)
    (5) District Governor- Lions District 3232F and other minor organizations founded by me
    (6) I established Jain Vardhman Sanskriti Vrund which had 2000 members. We were inviting Scholars from all over India for knowledge of Jainism.

    For all the above positions working, I had very high praise for my work.
    I had travelled widely all over India, USA & UK. I have attended very high professional learning courses in various cities in the USA, UK and India.

    I was the first Laproscopist of Gujarat State when OB/Gyn -  Practitioners had no idea what Laproscopy is, I was using it. I did not had any medical problems in my practice or in person.

  4. I had Corona - my oxygen level went below 85. My physician recommended that you have to get admitted to the hospital. My physician was expecting that I may require ventilation support. While getting admission. When I was going, I prayed in just one sentence – Hey Yahowah & Jesus Christ make me cured of this illness. Only these words are prayers. Then immediately I slept for 3 hours, and when I woke up I was in the ICU. The specialist doctors came around and they wrote treatment for me. I asked what drugs you were giving me. In charge, the Doctor told me my orders of medicine. Then I said, I don’t want to take your treatment and I will have my own treatments. They said, then please take your own responsibility and write to us about this. Immediately I signed and I had my own treatment. I was continuously watching my oxygen level with a Pulse-Oximeter. For 2 days there were no drops of oxygen below 90. So on the third day when the specialist came around, I told them- see my oxygen level is never less than 90, so I request you to take my X-ray Chest and if you find all right - please discharge me. The X-ray was clear and I was discharged after 2 days.
    This was just a prayer to Yahowah and Jesus.

  5. My wife and I were coming back in an auto rickshaw and my wife paid the fare. This time I left my purse in the auto-rickshaw seat. This I realized after 30 minutes in our home. Rs 6000/-, My Mobile, Aadhar card, Pan card, credit card, and other many important documents were in my purse. From my wife’s mobile, I rang my mobile repeatedly to get the attention of the Rickshaw- Driver, but even after continuous ringing - no response from the auto-rickshaw driver. I prayed – Hey Yahowah and Jesus Christ - please help me to get my purse back (Only these words). My Auto Rickshaw driver was about 20 km away and he saw my purse on the back seat. He was kind enough to come to my house, as he knows, he came to leave us. From 20 km away he came to deliver my purse. The Rickshaw driver was handicapped, he had one leg.  At 1:30 a.m. at night, he came from 20 km away. When he came all around my house it was very dark, no light. But in that difficulty, he found our location. He rang our bell and gave me my purse. I was very surprised that after 4 hours at 1:30 a.m., a handicapped rickshaw driver came back to deliver my purse. I told him that You take all my money as you have come from so far. He said, no, he wants auto rickshaw fare only. We gave him some grain - grocery clothes and he went. -  This was just Yahowah and Jesus Christ.

  6. Before 4 years ago, I was passing over a bridge and I saw a big board: Bible House. I did not know anything about this place. I thought let me go in and see. So I turned my car and went into the hall. That day was Friday at 4:30 p.m. That was CNI Ellis Bridge Church. There was a meeting of North-East India students going on. I interrupted them the teacher -  Smith Christian - talked and gave me ideas about Christianity. He said that every Sunday morning a 9:00 a.m. meeting is scheduled. You can come and attend the meeting. I asked where I could get a Bible. Smith Christian told, he will come to my house the next day and will give me the Bible. Then for many of my difficulties & teaching, Smith was coming to my house to teach me. Since that day mostly I have never missed a Church meeting- about 4 years past from now.
    The first time I got an idea about Church and Christianity.

  7. My getting a degree in Theology:

    I joined a distance learning degree course in Theology, from Christ College of Theology, Bengaluru. I was regular and gave all examinations, but after 3 years the government closed the College. The Principal told me- we are sorry and will not be able to take you to a degree, but if you want, we can give you a Diploma certificate and I took a Diploma in Theology certificate.

  8. I and my wife went to Phoenix- Arizona-USA in 1993 June to take oath for Lions District Governor. We moved all over the USA for 3 months. While coming back to India, we landed at Delhi International Airport. I told my friend to book our ticket for Delhi-Baroda. We had about 600 $ and we went to exchange Rupees at the International Airport currency counter. At the currency counter, I was informed that they will give us no cash but pay the order in our name. We said yes, we don’t mind, and got a Pay order. This was at night 2:00 a.m., then we came to Delhi Domestic Airport. We asked for our ticket to Baroda at the ticket counter. We replied that your Delhi- Baroda ticket is confirmed but for both tickets, you have to pay Rs.4500/-. My friend did it, but he did not pay for the fare... Now it was 3:30 a.m. We did not have Indian currency. We said to the ticket counter person that we can give you dollars but we do not have Rupees – which he refused.  At 3:30 a.m. there was no person and no Taxi available at the domestic airport- the whole Aerodrome was without any person. Only the policeman, ticket counter clerk and us two were the only people. It was not possible to go back to International Airport because coming and going will take 3 hours and during that time we may miss our Delhi- Baroda flight.

    In such a difficult mode- very lonely, a car and four people came, they visualized us in agony. One man asked, what is your difficulty? I told him that we do not have any rupees to purchase a ticket. That man asked, "How much rupees do you want?" I said Rs. 4800. Immediately he gave us Rs.4800/-. He did not give his card or introduction and said I am coming on a Baroda flight. We got Rs.4800/- and we got the ticket. We eagerly waited for those people. They may have missed their flight. I gave my visiting card to the policeman but they did not come.
    You can think of who can give Rs. 4800/- without any introduction at 3.30 am at Delhi Airport. This was to help Jesus Christ only.

  9. As an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, I was sending illegal new-born babies to Missionaries of Charity Ashram- Baroda. I had helped 8 such babies - born out of wedlock. Sisters at Missionaries were knowing me fully well. Once Mother Teresa came to visit Baroda. The head sister called me and said Mother Teresa has come and she wants to meet you. I immediately went. Myself and Mother Teresa had talked for about three hours- exchanged thoughts. She taught me many lessons. These were very memorable moments of my life.

  10. Once a WhatsApp message came that you have not verified your electricity bill for the last 3 years and if you do not do it today your electricity will close. I enquired and the man told me it is very simple you have to pay Rs.10/- and he can do it now. How you will pay Rs.10/-. I said you suggest, he told you, your credit card. I gave the credit card number but this was a wrong call. I was to lose my whole account Rs.4.5 lakh. But it was only Jesus who helped me. Instead of my credit card number, my wife’s credit card number reached this fraud person. One week ago, only Bank closed my wife’s credit card because of no transaction in the last year. This is just Jesus Christ's work, otherwise, my Rs.4.5/- lakh would have gone.

  11. I had Christian staff Nurse in charge of my Operation Theatre. She used to pray before each operation and then only she was doing preparation for the operation. By God’s grace, I did not have any complications in my lifetime.

  12. I went to Los Angeles, California at my son’s home. I had a direct flight from Bombay to Atlanta GA. At Atlanta, I had to take a domestic flight to Los Angeles. While going to collect the air ticket I went to the Airline counter. I was very tired after 38 hour's traveling and collecting domestic air tickets. It took 45 minutes and I had no mood or energy. I got the domestic ticket but I left my purse on the counter. The clerk gave me a ticket and passport and I took my luggage but I forgot to take my purse. I came to Los Angeles. The next day I realized that my purse was left at the ticket counter. I had 544 $, my wife’s passport, my insurance policies, and other important documents.  We sent many emails to the airlines but after 7 days the airline replied that your purse is not traceable and we regret it. So the matter is closed. I had gone back after 1 ½ months via the same route. So I went to my ticket counter to search for my purse. The clerk informed us that we are sorry as we cannot trace and we don’t have information about who was there before 1 ½ months.  I went to many offices in search but no information about the purse.  When I was inquiring about one black - the airport porter knew my problem. He came to me and told me – sir, please come with me. I followed him. He took me far away to another office, I was very worried as I should not have gone with such a porter without introduction. But he took me to the right place, he introduced me to me and in that office, the clerk showed me my purse. She asked for my introduction and identity. After a thorough investigation. She handed me my purse. This was another miracle – only Jesus Christ has done this impossible task.

  13. I purchased a 5.5 lacs building for my Nursing home and residence. I did not had any money, but God made all difficulties solved and I could get the big property. This testimony is very long so I will not write more details.
    But this was God only who helped- Jesus Christ.

  14.  I organized Musical Star Night -  Must Must 94 - in the year 1994 - at Akota Stadium - Vadodara.  Many Renowned Film Stars were present. - 13000 audiences. This was a grand success. The profit we donated for the renovation of S S G Hospital, Vadodara (Govt. Hospital).

  15. Most important testimonies :-

    There are many miracles but list will go on so I am not narrating. I have many such incidents to write but I feel this is sufficient. If you want to know about my work and the profession, please visit my website: I can answer any questions or if you ask me I can go on adding my testimony.

    I am driving since 1962, I had driven my car for about 10 lac KM but I never had accident – car breakdown – I had driven in very very bad situations and also in very difficult conditions, without any problems. - by God grace I had no trouble till now. – This is direct God Grace.
    Throughout my life I have enjoyed good health.


Even during my present time - I am experiencing a very strange phenomenon which I notice that this is God is always present to help me. - God is helping me even without knowing me. God makes all my daily work very easy. This is the most important testimony

This all was Jesus Christ only who stood with me and saved me in many medical emergencies and accidents. Whatever health I am enjoying at 79 years of age is because of Jesus Christ only.

In short, I am an example that Jesus was knowing me but I was not knowing Jesus.
I want your guidance on what I can do to my maximum to preach the Gospel. Please guide me. I will appreciate all your guidance.

At present for not less at least 5 hours a day- daily I learn the Teachings of Bible & Christ. I have my personal WhatsApp group- “Love for Jesus Christ”.& “Life Changing Thoughts” Sending daily messages from the Bible and Teaching to friends and relatives. ( if you want to member of my WhatsApp group - please message 9879158791  )
I thank you very much for reading my long testimony. I know these have become long - I have missed many important testimonies. But I tried to explain myself in as short a time as possible.
I do not have words to praise all who are reading this - my Well-wishers in the Ahmedabad Christian community, all teachers and Bishops, and Pastors of Church.
God Bless them all.

Please give me your suggestions/questions/advice & guidance


Yours Truly,

Dr. Prakash Shah


WhatsApp: 9879158791

My Message to all

If you pray God regularly and establish personal relations - whenever you are in dial emergency God will come without your asking or Praying. At that time God understands your needs - difficulties, and will definitely come to help.







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