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Male Sexual Problems

A sexual problem, or sexual dysfunction, refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response cycle that prevents the man or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the activity. The sexual response cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution.
While research suggests that sexual dysfunction is common (43% of women and 31% of men report some degree of difficulty), it is a topic that many people are hesitant to discuss. Fortunately, most cases of sexual dysfunction are treatable, so it is important to share your concerns.

What Causes Male Sexual Problems?

Sexual dysfunction in men can be a result of a physical or psychological problem.

  • Physical causes: Many physical and/or medical conditions can cause problems with sexual function. These conditions include diabetes, heart and vascular (blood vessel) disease, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, chronic diseases such as kidney or liver failure, and alcoholism and drug abuse. In addition, the side effects of certain medications, including some antidepressant drugs, can affect sexual desire and function.
  • Psychological causes: These include work-related stress and anxiety, concern about sexual performance, marital or relationship problems, depression, feelings of guilt, and the effects of a past sexual trauma.
    • In some cases, premature and inhibited ejaculation are caused by psychological factors, including a strict religious background that causes the person to view sex as sinful, a lack of attraction for a partner, and past traumatic events. Premature ejaculation, the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, often is due to nervousness over how well he will perform during sex. Certain drugs, including some antidepressants, may affect ejaculation, as can nerve damage to the spinal cord or back.


    Erectile dysfunction

    Impotency or erectile dysfunction is the most serious problem afflicting men. At least half of the sex-related questions deal with men who are suffering erection-related problems and it’s hard to pin down the exact reason for this epidemic. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, smoking, drinking, obesity-related diseases and stress are all taking a toll on our men. The problem is exacerbated by the our society’s wrong issues. Many men wouldn’t dare go to a sexologist to discuss the problem which leads to a lot of unhappiness and self-image issues among men.

    Getting an erection is a complex procedure which involves your brain, heart and other external factors like arousal and anxiety.
    Causes of erectile dysfunction include diseases affecting blood flow, such as atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries); nerve disorders; psychological factors, such as stress, depression, and performance anxiety (nervousness over his ability to sexually perform); and injury to the penis. Chronic illness, certain drugs, and a condition called Peyronie's disease (scar tissue in the penis) also can cause erectile dysfunction.

    ED or Impotence – the inability to maintain an erection – is caused due to lack of blood flow to the penis. This can happen for a variety of reasons like alcohol consumption, stress, mind psychology, obesity, smoking and medical drugs. This  constrict of  blood vessels make difficult for the blood to flow popularly to the penis.   Erectile dysfunction can often be a symptom of diabetes or some heart-related ailment. There are various drugs to treat ED but you MUST never take them by your own. This may cause more harm. Natural way of treatment is only best solution for you.

    Penis size issues

    For some reason man become obsessed about his penis. He worries about its length, girth, inclination, colour and contour. They constantly go on thinking to an extent that they become the psychotic. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that men has false image of penises. In other cultures like America or even parts of Asia, it’s normal for people to shower naked and for men to see other men and realise that their penis is perfectly normal but this doesn’t happen here. Our people see only penises in porn, men start to believe that all of us should have penises that look big enough

    Premature ejaculation

    Most men seem to think that they suffer one of the following ejaculation issues – premature, delayed or none at all. Premature ejaculation is a very common problem. Most people have this notion that they are supposed to last in bed for more minutes or something like they show on porn movies (which are unreal and fabricated) but the truth is that most men ejaculate within three or five minutes of penetration. Delayed or no ejaculation is another problem that’s common to men. Some of these men have no trouble ejaculating while masturbating but fail to ejaculate while having sex. This can cause great discomfort to them if they lose their erection before ejaculating and it makes them feel that sex is incomplete.

    Sex duration

    Along with ejaculation another sore issue seems to be the length of the act. And again we have the porn-induced illusions that vaginal intercourse is supposed to last for much more time. Most men don’t realise that porn is fabricated and expect similar situations. There’s also the inability to realise that there’s far more to sex than vaginal intercourse.

    Most of our sex problems are caused by either unrealistic expectations of sex what should be like or due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. Simply exercising and quitting smoking and drinking can greatly improve your sex life. If your problem still persists you can get in touch with me. 

    Inhibited Sexual Desire

    Inhibited desire, or loss of libido, refers to a decrease in desire for, or interest in sexual activity. Reduced libido can result from physical or psychological factors. It has been associated with low levels of the hormone testosterone. It also may be caused by psychological problems, such as anxiety and depression; medical illnesses, such as diabetes and high blood pressure; certain medications, including some antidepressants; and relationship difficulties.

    Tips for stronger erections that last longer!

    Every day, we keep getting asked the same questions over and over again penis enlargement, masturbation, erectile dysfunction, unwanted pregnancies, premature ejaculation and low libido. To say that many people are woefully ignorant about the various aspects of sex would be a gross understatement.

    Most men do just fine when it comes to getting an erection but there will be times when things won’t go so well down there. It won’t be as hard or last as long as you want. After all, getting an erection is a complex procedure which involves your brain, heart and other external factors like arousal and anxiety. We give you ways to make sure that you are not down when it matters the most:

    Smoking’s cool isn’t it? If only youngsters who start smoking knew the effect it will have on their sex lives, they’d never light up. It hardens your arteries and lessens blood flow to the penis.  Smoking affects every system/organ of the body including sexual functioning. People need to understand that erection in men has a lot to do with a healthy heart, blood vessels. Smokers are twice as likely to get erectile dysfunction as non-smokers.’

    Drinking habit - Moderate to heavy drinking has long been known to cause ED. It’s far harder to get an erection when you’re drunk, than when you’re sober and long-term alcoholism is likely to cause kidney and nerve damage which will harm your sex life. 

    Stop worrying about your performance - A lot of people fail to get an erection just because they are too anxious or too nervous when the moment arrives, even if they are otherwise healthy. It can also be due to stress or the prospect of living up to the image of masculinity. Sex as it’s portrayed in movies or porn is rarely like the real thing. Just remember that you have been naturally designed to perform sexual functions. Why be scared about it. It is important that you realise that the most important organ in your body is not your penis but your brain.

    Eat healthy - Eating the right foods is essential to have a healthy sexual life. A healthy diet filled with fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants can improve the quality of your erections by increasing the blood flow to your penis. Also, when it comes to avoiding food, most foods that are bad for your heart, are bad for your erections too because blood circulation is affected.

    Exercise can improve the blood flow in your body which helps your erections, and leave you feeling fresh and active.  Additionally, it can make you appear more attractive to your partner and leave you feeling sexier.  Also it will improve your cardiovascular health, which will make your heart healthier and get it pumping more blood down there when you need it. 

     Connect mentally - To be fully aroused, you need to be emotionally connected. So get in the mood, before you decide to bring your little friend into action. 

    Last longer with lubricants -  a lubricant can help you last longer. sex to be more pleasurable, less painful and more satisfying when you use a lubricant.

    Get more aroused, focus on foreplay - in sexual intercourse it is important to not be obsessed about penetration.  Indulge in activities like kissing, mutual masturbation, among others. It is a great way to have fun, and better for erections – it can help your partner as well since many women fail to orgasm through regular vaginal intercourse.

    WHY NOT? If trying the aforementioned methods doesn’t help your cause, it could be possible that you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction which could be caused due to many conditions. There are various impotency tests to check whether your problem is physical or psychological. If you’re suffering from it, talk  me and do not pop Viagra or other pills indiscriminately.

    Can Sexual Problems Be Cured?

    The success of treatment for sexual dysfunction depends on the underlying cause of the problem. The outlook is good for dysfunction that is related to a treatable or reversible physical condition. Mild dysfunction that is related to stress, fear, or anxiety often can be successfully treated with counseling, education, and improved communication between partners. 

    Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunction

    Many cases of sexual dysfunction can be corrected by treating the underlying physical or psychological problems. Treatment strategies may include the following:

    • Medical treatment: This involves treatment of any physical problem that may be contributing to a man's sexual dysfunction.
    • Medications: are not suitable. Usually I treat with non toxic homeopathic medicines. I never give Hormones: testosterone replacement therapy.
    • Psychological – hypnotherapy and NLP therapy: Therapy with a trained counselor can help a person address feelings of anxiety, fear, or guilt that may have an impact on sexual function.
    • Education and communication: Education about sex and sexual behaviors and responses may help a man overcome his anxieties about sexual performance. Open dialogue with your partner about your needs and concerns also helps to overcome many barriers to a healthy sex life.

    Very common problems are -
    In recent time there is much rise in the number of sex problems that men suffer from and I get this question every day. Every single day I receive numerous sex-related queries from men and youngsters. Remember, answers to specific problems may not apply to everyone, by my answer each and everybody is totally satisfied. I assure you that your questions will also be solved with utmost satisfaction.

    Erection problems

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      Foreskin problems

    • I'm 17 but can't have sex because of my foreskin problem
    • I’m gay, and I have troubles with the foreskin of the penis
    • I cannot get my foreskin back
    • Is my diabetic husband's foreskin problem related to his vasectomy?
    • It hurts when I retract my foreskin over my penis
    • My boyfriend has foreskin pain
    • My foreskin is swollen after sex
    • My foreskin is too tight
    • What are the little white pimples underneath my foreskin?
    • When we have sex, my boyfriend’s foreskin hurts him
    • Worried about foreskin

    Lack of sex desire

    • Can I take a pill I can take to quash my sex drive?
    • Could my boyfriend's lack of pleasure be due to stress?
    • Depression and low libido hinder my chances of a gay relationship
    • How can I lower my sex drive?
    • Husband’s antidepressants interfere with his libido
    • I am a celibate monk and want to know how I can reduce my sexual impulses
    • My depression and loss of libido
    • My partner's sex drive has taken a nosedive
    • My sexual feelings have diminished
    • Why is my sex drive so low after my vasectomy?


    • At 21, my excessive masturbation is affecting me mentally
    • I am feeling guilty about masturbation
    • I’m a man with a girlfriend, but I enjoy being masturbated by men
    • I want to stop my urges to masturbate
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    • What is excessive masturbation?

    Penis size, shape and related problems

    • Are there any safe, effective penis enlargement treatments?
    • Do penile enlargement pills work?
    • Do penis enlargement medications work?
    • How can I make my penis longer?
    • I am not very big, and so I try to only sleep with virgins
    • I fear my penis is not sensitive enough
    • I have a bent-sideways penis
    • I have a crooked penis, half-way up
    • I’m worried about the size of my penis
    • I tried to make my penis bigger with exercises
    • Is my lack of penile sensitivity due to phimosis?
    • My boyfriend’s penis is still too sensitive – seven months after a circumcision?
    • My penis is too long
    • My penis points downwards when erect My penis bends upwards and to the right
    • My penis is small, and I have problems
    • She says my penis smells
    • The skin under my boyfriend's penis keeps tearing
    • There is flaky skin at the end of my penis
    • What can be done about my partner’s severely curved penis?

    Premature ejaculation and orgasm problems

    • Has my cancer operation left me unable to ejaculate?
    • His spinal cord condition affects his ejaculation
    • I always 'come' too quickly
    • I can't ejaculate during love play or sex
    • I ejaculate in my sleep
    • I have no feeling when I orgasm
    • I have tried all techniques to treat my premature ejaculation but none of them seem to work
    • I haven’t been able to come
    • I orgasm too quickly
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    • There are no intense feelings when I ejaculate
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    • Will hypnosis help my premature ejaculation?

    General male sex problems

    • Although I’ve been given the ‘all clear’, I am convinced I have infection  from a prostitute
    • Can his vasectomy be reversed?
    • Coping with a termination
    • Could stress be causing my sexual problems?
    • During sexual intercourse, my right testicle moves up into my body
    • He is insecure about sex
    • I am a divorced man, and I’m angry at women
    • I am a guy who has a lot of pre-come
    • I am a totally straight guy, but feel good when I dress as a woman
    • I can only produce a small amount of seminal fluid
    • I get really bad pains in my testicles and lower abdomen
    • I have a fetish for girls’ feet
    • I have blood in my sperm
    • I have lost all interest in women
    • I’m a gay male, and I had problems having anal sex
    • I’m a man who is feaful about becoming gay
    • I'm a man with sexuality problems
    • Is my addiction to fantasy about women a normal thing?
    • It’s impossible for me to form any kind of relationship with women
    • My boyfriend does not want to have sex any more
    • My condom burst while I was having anal sex
    • My female partner has found out that I am carrying the hepatitis C virus
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    • Why do I have such watery semen?
    • Why is my semen lumpy?

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