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Understanding Problems and Working

Children have to deal with change, loss, violence, criticism, low self-esteem, and their own body phisiology as they move through rapid growth periods over short periods of time. There are many tasks they have to overcome like making new friends, handling bullies, unfamiliar school work, education, sport and all this time trying to “belong”. Sometimes the comparison to others can make feelings of inadequacy, low self-esteem or even depression rise to the surface.

Children show their reaction by stress, violence, low self-esteem, grief and loss in many different ways. Their marks in school may begin to drop. The child may become forgetful, distracted, angry, irritable and even violent. They might become accident-prone or have headaches or an upset stomach.

They might start to bite nails or pull hair. Bed-wetting (enuresis) may start happening. Particular health problems like asthma and hay fever may become prevalent. Stammering may become more prominent. Various kinds of habitual spasms, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) may come.

A child may start to dislike school, perhaps having trouble with other pupils or teachers. They might become overly shy or worried about talking in front of the class, be unable to understand a subject, or other incidences that cause them to have difficulties with their education.

Other fears can come like - fear of the dark; the fear of going to sleep; fear of animals or insects; fear of travelling; a phobia of needles, doctors; fear of people, etc.

The parents efforts doesn’t seem to change the situation. From school problems can become intense or school is unable to solve individual problems
Medicines will do very little benefit. Only hypnotherapy can resolve the problems.

Procedure of hypnotherapy - help child relax by having him sit comfortably in a chair where it is quiet and there are no distractions.. - help child relax by having him close his eyes and take slow, deep breaths. Tell him to think about a particular object, or have him picture a place where he feels safe and happy. Children respond incredibly well to stories, visualizations, imaginative games and other simple tools. Imagine taking off in a space craft or taking part in their favorite television program or movie.

Child wants to make the change and is prepared to work with me. During the therapy, I use simple methods that might include things such as stories, visualization, pretending hero and media characters, and other imagination tools, often based upon the child’s interests.

If your child is restless you need to have a lot of patience. Once your child is very relaxed you can make some empowering, suggestive statements.

I introduce positive affirmations to the child. For example, being more relaxed, having more energy, feeling confident, feeling happy, liking you better, remembering more easily or reading faster. Children are very suggestible and respond well to these types of therapy. I also include using stories, adventures, meeting a hero or even character from a favorite TV programme who advises child what to do, and these are all ideas that are easily accepted by young children.

I elicit from them that they are strong, optimistic, determined or confident in other situations. Focusing on a positive element will help with the solution. Naturally I adapt my language to the age and interests of the child in question.

I always include positive suggestions for confidence.

By hypnotherapy they become relaxed and focused easily, and are happy to take on ideas that will help them to deal with any problems they are facing, and thus they can make changes more easily. children increase their confidence, start to do their homework, go to school, and even improve their marks at school. These also helps them with many other problems, like thumb sucking, bed wetting, nightmares, stealing, anger, aggression, and low self-esteem, separation anxiety, bereavement, food related problems and many other issues.

Time taken for success of treatment depends on parent’s cooperation and how they follow the exercise with child. Parent’s cooperation is of utmost importance. 4 to 6 months are optimum period. Later on in life, once child takes up the instructions they do well and progress well.




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