Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment,
Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment, Alternative Medicine
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Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment, Alternative Medicine
Chronic Disease Treatment Specialist, Alternative Medicine Treatment Specialist, Alternative Medicine Specialist
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  I am grateful for treatment given to me – you appear so personal – I was very happy with you.  
Subodh G. Gokhale, Air Force - Shahibaug
Ahmedabad, 2nd Sept 2013.

I want to congratulate you for your efforts. You diagnosed correctly and paid your attention with all details to cure me. Your all exercise and guidance will guide me to all future. I am proud to have you as my psychiatrist.


Sayra Sabirbhai DevdiwalaSecondary Teacher – Navyug School – Vijay Char Rasta
Ahmedabad, 20th sep 2013.


I had very severe phobia of eating. Every time I go for my meal I was feeling that this food will go in my lung and I will immediately die. I was avoiding food and only when very hungry I would take food very fast and always in company of my wife - Saying every time that i will die soon after my food. My emotions every time was very high. After food I had bouts of cough and restlessness and I was crying. I have taken treatment from many. I must have spent more than 5 lacks of rupees on my treatment and investigations. But not cured at all. I visited you at Ahmedabad after appointment. Let me tell you I was not at all hopeful for result or goodness. But in only one session of NLP my phobia was removed. After that session I went to good restaurant in Ahmadabad and I had atisfactory lunch. Today is more than 7 months of my treatment and I am muchsatisfied. I am fully cured of my phobia. For my life time I will remain thankful to you.

Mr. Subramanium Govt Servant – Revenue Dept.
Ghandhidham - Kutchh, 1st oct 2013.
  Please accept our sincere gratitude for your help during our family crisis. This shows how much you cared for us. Your treatment has brought us closer together, and I am thankful to have psychiatrist like you.  
Nirali N Mohato – Henry Collection – C G Road – Near Navrangpura Mun. Market
Ahmedabad, 10th oct 2013
  “I thoroughly enjoyed all your counseling sessions! It helped me a lot to find out what I really want to achieve in my private and also especially my business life. All in all I don’t hesitate to give you a 5 star rating and would recommend it to anybody.”  
Arvind K Patel- Unit Director – Shell Company
Rajkot, 23rd Oct 2013.

I was very good and ranker up to my undergraduate – Jan 2012. But suddenly I start with problems. I had feelings of tension, frustration, worry, sadness and withdrawal which gave hopelessness, isolation from friends, unnecessary worries and worthlessness. I had bouts of severe Depression. I started smoking cigarettes. My roommate was encouraging and helping me to change my attitude, behavior, morals, and outlook on life. I took help of psychiatrist and took medicines but that has increased my problems and nothing was working.

My roommate searched for psychiatrist online and from just dial she contacted you. We visited you and on first meeting only we got hope from you. you gave me supportive medicines – allopathic and homeopathic and started with counseling sessions. I had totally 8 sessions of counseling - combined sessions of CBT – Hypnotherapy and NLP. You were encouraging me and giving guidance and exercises for behaviour – mind control and physical exercises.

At present I am good enough to take care of my daily routine. Now I find myself self confidant and in my total control. I am improving very fast. My life has been improved by your treatment.

Anita singh. IT student
Gandhinagar, 5th Nov 2013.

I am very pleased. I had high anger – depression - stress and sleep disorder I had only a vague notion of what I needed, but you translated it into a cure and now I am very useful and confident of my life.. I will certainly send any future references enquiring for any type psychiatric treatment.

Rajesh Pandya – video grapher – news channel, Karelibaug,
Vadodara, 23 Nov 2013.

“I love your approach of handling the patient. It’s more effective than several live workshops and coaching efforts which I’ve experienced and did not gave me any benefit. You are a wise man. I look forward to more opportunities to learn from you.”

Dr Pradeep More, PHD– Asst. Professor Economics
Gandhinagar, 2nd Dec 2013.

My special thanks to just dial for the wonderful job you did to give me your name. I was delighted with and especially appreciated suggestion..

Before 1 years in last year of my post graduate study- I had depression – anxiety – lack of concentration – I was not mixing up with my friends – my best girl friend was not picking up my phone and she left me – I had problems with my parents and they were not supportive – I was not able to sleep up to late night and getting up very late at 10 to 12 noon. I understood that all are avoiding me. I was completely broke up. I was not attending classes regularly. I had suicidal thoughts and wanted to end my life.

My room partner advised me to consult psychiatrist. He came into contact with you. On the first meeting I had discouragement for your charges. But I agreed to pay in installments. From first day of treatment I started feeling better. With each of counseling I went on improving, it took me 5 months time for being normal. But that has changed complete outlook for my life. I have now confident and energetic. I also cleared my all exams with good CPU. Now I have good job in MNC. For all these I am thankful to you. I can advice anybody having mind problem to take treatment of yours.

Ashish Mehra. Asst. Consutant In Software And Networking Company,Bopal – S G Highway
Ahmedabad, 25th January 2014

I am writing on behalf of my father. I am pleased to note your good work in making my father nearly normal. Your sincerity - knowledge - way of approach – and delivering good are commendable. Your knowledge in subjects of psychiatry is exuberant and through.

You are quick and calm at appropriate points which allowed my father to understand and to be regular for all his minor instructions required for treatment. I thank you for excellent guidance.

Just dial - Kindly receive a token of appreciation for giving me reference of Dr Prakash Shah

Mr Akbar Husain, Mirzapur Road,
Ahmedabad, 5th Feb. 2014.

“You have helped me (and continue to help me). You are down to earth, you are easy to understand and extremely user friendly. The best thing about taking treatment is that you go to the root cause “cuts to the bone” of getting where patient are meant to go in Life. You have helped me in a way that no other course or psychiatrist has.”

Praful Bharadwaj – Shashi Periphereals Pvt Ltd – Near Gurukul Road – Drive In Cinema
Ahmedabad, 21st Feb. 2014.

I had ANXIETY – WORRING - INSECURITILY – INABILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS – no focus in life – smoking 4 packets of cigarettes daily and bad relationship in my family. I had taken medicines for 2 years for my problems. My business was suffering a lot. I was not getting well. You treated me by counseling and other method. In 4 months time I was feeling very good. I am able to do my business well now and my life has been improved. I am grateful to you for my lifetime. I look forward to have continuous guidance.

Mr Ramesh Jain-share broker - C G Road – Navrangpura,
Ahmedabad, 4 March 2014.

My wife and I had many personal relationship issues since last 4 years. Our son also had learning and school problems because of our lack of attention. We took treatment from various doctors. During treatment so many times I felt that I am wasting my money. By reference from one of my colleagues I contacted you. We each had – myself and my wife - 5 sessions of hypnotherapy and NLP. In 6 months of time we both I and my wife are happy now. We strictly followed your instructions. Many of our personal issues were solved. We are enjoying our life now. I can recommend any one for relationship treatment to you.

Rajnikant Thakkar - Govt. servent,
Gandhinagar, 15 March 2014.

I was much depressed and lost in my life direction. You have designed counseling sessions for me. By which I plot my own path of improvement, experience success along the way and arrive at my aim and my destination empowered and with a well-developed sense of “I can do this!” “I am capable.”

Jitendra Arvind Pandya – Tata Consultancy- Ellisbridge,
Ahmedabad, 2nd April 2014.

My child was mentally depressed from 3 years of his age. He had abnormal behaviors. We were taking treatment since last 2 year but had no improvement. From his school also complains were coming. By your treatment for 9 months now he goes to school and my child has now improved. We are still continuing treatment. We are much grateful to you for your wonderful treatment.

Mrs. Sadhana Patwa- Fashion Desiner - Vastrapur,
Ahmedabad, 24th April 2014.

I was much depressed – anxious and worried for last 3 years. I had undergone various treatments. You have helped me to organize myself better in my work and find my life purpose. It enabled me to learn to focus better, as I always want to do so many things. Thank you… you are very good in all respect!!!! I was very impressed how it’s so well planned and easy to go sessions. I recommend anybody depressed and lost in life to consult you.

Dr. Dulari Nayan Patel- Eye Surgeon – Bharuch Eye Hospital,
Bharuch, 2nd May 2014.
  I am medical representative in multinational pharmaceutical company. I had no direction in my life. I had anxiety - worried - overanalyzing - over planning - trying to control others and quarreling with anybody in small issues - I had attacks of depression. I tried for suicide also. My parents were always worried about me. My job was on termination. Only by counseling and guidance I got back to my life. Though I am cured now I would like to learn more in subject of mind management. I look forward to my life new pathways.  
Siddharth Shukle, Sabarmati D cabin - Ahmedabad, 5th May 2014.

You were very useful to guide me completely. My anxiety – feelings for insecurity – inability to make decisions – addictions for alcohol - insomnia - all has almost gone. I have learned many things from you. I think first of all I must have inner side balance and empty my mind from many things in order to have space in mind, I should forgive some matters and love myself. From your counseling I have now very clear path for my life.

AKASH D LIMBACHIA – ICW – Kantilal & Co. Vijay Tower Nava Vadaj,
Ahmedabad, 21st May 2014.

“It was a pleasure getting treatment from you. I couldn’t finish psychiatrist treatment before and I left half way just wasting my time and money and go on suffering. I found you totally different. Now I have short and long-term goals and a good plan to get there by working hard. Things have already changed since starting treatment from you. I’m looking forward to learning more from you in all the future.”

ASHWIN ATMARAM PATEL - Allain Entrepreneur & Internet Marketing Consultant from GIDC,
vadodara, 1st June 2014.
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