Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment,
Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment, Alternative Medicine
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Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment, Alternative Medicine
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Dear web visitors,

For more than 35 years I have been dealing intensively and with great commitment to my patients.
We constantly see in our family or in friends' circle that people suffer from chronic diseases. They go on taking medicines- spend lot and lots of money but never get healthy- on the contrary they go on deteriorating. Mostly they have no idea how to get well. This web site educates all those chronic suffers for how to get well. Worth reading.
All through these years, I have been constantly finding new and new solutions and approach for making easy solutions to the problems of diseases. At present also I am making constant dialogues with many renowned professionals all over world. As well I have also learned various scientific methods from the many Practioner who claimed to be having good result in management of chronic diseases.
It was for the first time that I introduced Laparoscopy in Baroda since 1976. I started new approaches in Baroda for Infertility.
I also got special training for tubal factor and microsurgical technique for tubal block reversal under world best authority - Dr Victor Gomel. As well I visited world's best centers in USA - John Hofkin, Baltimore, MD ( 15 days training in Advances in infertility management)- Hayward University, Boston (endocrinology and infertility)- California University- San Fransisco- CA (Jordon Phillip - Advances in Laparoscopic surgeries) - and St Louice.
I am Fellow and Life Member; American Association of Sex Councilor, Therapist and Educationist. (AASECT).

Though I basically qualified as Obstetrician and Gynaecologist (1971), my quest for knowledge made me specialist for infertility and chronic diseases.

I also met numerous various experts in other disciplines of medicine- alternative medicine like homeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy etc. knowing what they practice for chronic diseases. That is how, now I approach, problems of chronic diseases with all other systems of medicine. I have found that other systems of medicine can be very fruitful over and above conventional system of medicine.
Based on my longstanding experience with all aspects of chronic diseases, I will offer good scope for satisfactory solution to give final result, at almost very low cost and that too in less time. Please benefit from my long experience.

I will do my best for your problem.

Yours truly,
Dr Prakash Shah (Ahmedabad - Gujarat - INDIA)
Senior Practioner interested in management of chronic diseases.
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