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Frequently most leucorrhea and vaginal discharges will be relieved and finally cured by merely very simple alternative medicines.  The same statements are true of severe pelvic infections and many other stubborn women diseases.
Amenorrhea, or the absence or irregularities of menstrual periods, Falling of the female organs, prolapse, Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, menorrhagia, Low Libido, Osteoporosis, Breast related problems and diseases, pregnancy – antenatal- perinatal – intranatal and post natal problems are many times physiological but soon can become pathological and of sever grade.
Case 1 - A Case of Constitutional Disturbance
Mrs. Rama Jain, 43 years just visited my hospital to see one Vaginal Hysterectomy patients. I noticed that she had multiple problems and just on asking how are you? Does your heath alright? Then immediately started crying and stared narrating her problems. – A case of constitutional disturbance.( like this many people suffer unnecessarily for want of simple treatment)
On general condition she had great debility, irregular pigmentation on face, around eyes or on other parts of body. Some of the female characteristics diminished. Hairy irregular growth on face, both legs and on abdomen, limbs looks flabby, obese and old, breast shriveled; neurasthenia of various nerves- backache/calf pain/headache... dyspeptic troubles, Uterus is enlarged and hard. Urinary problems- incontinence/frequency/burning, she also had Irregular menstruation- too frequent, excessive and always leucorrhoea, mental moral and physical deterioration and degradation, once good natured is now irritable and miserable. She consulted reputed three different specialists within five and half years of suffering but never get well. Such patients suffer from constitutional disturbance and for them alternative medicine works marvelous. This patient was given three months of homeopathic and herbal medicine. Within 15 days she started feeling well and after 6 months almost cured. At present 4 years has passed and she is enjoying her life in perfect health.
Case 2 – A Case of Endometriosis
I am, Dr Krishna Vipul Desai, obstetrician and gynecologist and my husband Dr Vipul M Desai, consultant physician, both working as assistant professor in medical college. I got married late at age of 32 years. We tried for pregnancy for 9 months but when not successful I got investigated and on laparoscopic examinations – multiple endometrial implants – size 0.5 to 1.0 cm - were found in pelvic cavity and on both Uterosacral ligaments. I had history of irregular and heavy menstrual bleeding with moderate to severe dysmenorrhea and low abdominal pain, constipation, occasional headache and low back pain since last 2 ½  to 3 years but I was taking symptomatic treatment to get relief. I had not paid serious attention to these problems. On laparoscopic examinations cauterizations of endometrial implants were done. I took non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs - ibuprofen for about 3 moths. But after 3 months I had again dysmenorrhea, backache and low abdominal pain. Then for 7 months I took Tab Danazole-  from 100 mgms to 200 mgms BD. But I had sever reactions to Tab Danazole - frequent mood changes, fatigue, bloating and weight gain. I was getting much worried and had no direction as to what to do.
By one of my teacher’s reference- who was colleague to Dr Prakash Shah, I contacted Dr Prakash Shah. He started his treatment, Applying all alternative medicines – homeopathy, ayurvedic, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, and biochemic. I took treatment for 4 months and all my symptoms got reversed. I was feeling self confident, cheerful mood, able to work well and no dysmenorrhea, backache or abdominal pain. I had undergone laparoscopic examination, which revealed normal findings.
At present my age is 36 years and I await to conceive. My message and heartfelt appeal to all endometriosis patients is that please get treatment by combined approach of all alternative medicines. This is a must. I am much satisfied by alternative medicines treatment by Dr Prakash Shah. Now I feel I should have started his treatment quite early.
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