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  Dr. Prakash Shah  
Multifaceted Personality
 Homeopathic expert
 Ayurvedic expert
Multiple Medical Specialties
 Chronic diseases
 Child behaviour therapy
 Adolescent Guidance And Treatment
 Mind control and life coaching
 Skin specialist
 Hair loss treatment

Please Get Rid Of Your Negative Emotions – Fear, Phobia, Loneliness, Anxiety, Unwanted Thought, Bad Emotions …Etc And Discover Your Hidden Powers And Create Anything You Desire In Life. Deepest Parts Of Your Mind Will Become Happy And Get What You Want In Your Life.

Discover The Key To Every Success. As Your Mind Conditions Will Improve Your Over All Life Conditions Will Improve. You Will Get The Lifestyle You Desire. Have Vibrant Health And Unlimited Energy Each Day. Living True To Your Life Purpose… Live Every Moment Of Life Very Pleasantly.

This Is Truly Amazing And Worth Experiencing. You Do Not Have Idea Till Today. This Is Possible Very Very Easily.

I Treat All Of The Psychiatrist Diseases Mainly By Not Giving Any Allopathic Drugs. I Will Treat Only By Counseling – Hypnotherapy And Neuro Linguistic Programming. This Is Without Drug Side Effects- Toxicities And Results Are Instant – Immediate. Long Term Results Are Excellent.

Same Way You Can Change Behaviour In Your Spouse.

I Can Easily Changes In Your Child - Behaviour Patterns And Your Adolescent - Behaviour Which Will Put Them On Right Tract For Success.


Chronic Diseases Are A Very Tragic - Emotionally Damaging And Painful Experience.

We Our Self Or Our Family Suffer From One Or Another Chronic Disease Since Long Time. We Go On Doing Radiological Or Laboratory Investigations - Taking Different Medicines- Spend Lot And Lots Of Money But Never Get Healthy And Go On Deteriorating, Because We Look To Only One Way Of Treating Our Selves – By Allopathy Methods Only. We Do Not Have Even Any Idea That Other Easy Ways Of Treatment Methods Are Available.


Understand The Course Of Disease

When Illnesses Are Due To Body Functional Disorder - Like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Mental Problems Etc Most Of Allopathic Drugs Don't Correct The Underlying Pathology. Allopathic Drug Does Not Remove Root Cause. Long-Term Use Of Drugs Never Get People Better, But Patient Slowly Deteriorate In Disease Condition - Due To Side Effects Of The Drugs, Developing Of Poor Immune Function, Advancing Age Problem And As Time Goes By, More Problems Are “Discovered,”- More Organs Are Involved So More Drugs Are Prescribed - Like This Circle Goes On.

Tremendous Suffering Can Be Avoided, But The Essentiality Is Right Method Of Treatment Should Be Employed. People Often Miss Out Effective Therapies, And Lack The Information And Support They Need. Many A Time’s Very Simple Treatment Is Required But Complicated And Long Treatment Is Employed. Also Unnecessary Major Surgical Procedures Are Carried Which Makes Position Worse.


Treatment Modalities For Chronic Diseases

Chronic Diseases Can Be Cured Through Combined Approach Of Various Systems Of Medicine Like Ayurvedic, Homeopathy, Naturopathy …Etc.

The Diseases In Elderly Populations, Children, Younger Adult And Older  Populations Are Because Of Lack Of Understanding Or Neglecting Healing Powers Of Human Body.  – God Has Already Given Us Healing Powers In Body To Fight Against Diseases. (Animals And Birds Use Their Healing Power For Their Health So For Life Time They Remain Healthy And Functioning)

Body Has All Ingredients To Make Healing By Its Own, But We Need To Know How To Cooperate With The Body's Restorative Powers. In Far East Countries Like Japan – Taiwan –Korea – China - People Live For Long Years And They Are Healthy. Why?

 One Will Be Amazed To See The Result After Taking Treatment From These Medicine. The Alternative Medicines Give Result Faster, With Less Suffering And In Very Economical Way.


General Guidline

Selection Of Treating Doctor Is Most Important Step In Cure Of Any Disease. Doctor Should Treat The Patients As Per Their Own Constitution And Requirements.

Each Patient Requires Sympathy Towards Their Problem And All Their Quarries Should Be Solved With Utmost Satisfaction.

There Are A Number Of Different Treatments Available. Do Not Stick To One Method Of Treatment - Combination Of One Method With Another Will Provide The Best Results.

This Will Give Much Satisfied Result You Have Never Expected. This Not Only Treat Main Problem But Can Change Life. Removes Diseases From Root Cause. Your Life Will Change... For The Better!

You Need To Correct Your Body Working Deep, Deep Down Inside You! You Need To Understand This Principle

  Cure in short time (3 to 4 months)     Flatulence –Dysentery –Constipation-Acidity
Stress – Depression - Headache
Throat - Allergy – Chronic Cold - Cough
Pregnancy Related Problems
Acne – Boil -Abscess
Skin-Itching - Urticaria
  Cure in moderate time (6 to 9 months)    

Liver Diseases – Fissure –Piles- Ulcer
Old Age Problems - Premature Senility
Neuralgia –Insomnia -Twitching
Heart Function - Hypertension
Mental disorder – psychiatric illnesses
Back Ache- Spondilitis –Gout -Joint Pain
Hair-Fall / Dandruff -Skin Warts

  Cure in long time (12 to 18 months)    

Child Growth And Behavior Problems
Arthritis –Osteoarthritis -Spinal Affection
Obesity –
Eye disorders


How Do I Work

I Am Tele Physician I Get All Information’s On Phone –

I Note Down Each And Every Symptoms, Directly On The Special German Software.

I Analyze Each Symptom In Details. Establish Diagnosis And Line Of Treatment.

Medicines Are Prepared By Me Only And They Are German Medicines Only (The Best Quality Of Medicines Is Used.) They Are Free From Side-Effects And Toxicities.

This Will Have Absolutely Personalized Approach.

The Medicines Will Be Delivered By Courier With Details Of How To Use It.

So Patient May Not Come To See Me. Much More Time – Money And Hardships Are Avoided.