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Health Considerations
Please read carefully and think over this
"Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material. What we know as disease is an ultimate result produced in the body, the end product of deep and long acting forces, and even if material treatment alone is apparently successful this is nothing more than a temporary relief unless the real cause has been removed." - Dr. Edward Bach
We are accustomed to associate our ill-health with a variety of factors from microbes to the weather, the food we eat and a variety of other things. But experts, healers and our ancient literatures tells us that the 'cause' of our illnesses cannot entirely lie in these external factors - for the same person who is now sensitive to the slightest breeze would have, a few years before, loved the exhilaration of cold wind and bath in raining seasons. The same person who could sleep soundly after a cup of coffee now suffers insomnia on eating the slightest bit of the 'wrong kind' of food. The same person who would go happily on with life for months without any kind of illness now gets a fever or a cold on the slightest "exposure to microbes". In the same family we observe that the things which some enjoys is hazardous to sufferer. Obviously, something has changed within the patient, and this has rendered the person sensitive to all these things which never bothered him before. Have you experienced this at any time of your life?
Dr Edward Bach, a respected- renowned physician, bacteriologist and homeopath of his time, discovered during the later years of his research that illness of the physical body is very often rooted in disharmony of the mind and body- the physical illness being just an end product of that internal disharmony. Once harmony is restored to the patient at mental and emotional levels, the body naturally regains its vitality and a majority of its physical 'diseases' disappear. Further, the patient finds and enjoys same past interest in life and is able to lead a fuller and more meaningful life.
Today's medical theories lead us to see 'disease' as a purely mechanical consequence of the state of the physical body and the environment. short tempered people more likely to have symptoms of hyperacidity, high blood pressure or heart diseases; asthmatic people, often tend to have a weak personality, tending to suffer from fears, lack of confidence etc, or, in some cases, a tendency to always boss over others. Let us for a moment consider present day medical science's approach to treatment of hypertension - high blood pressure. According to conventional medicine, the cause of 90% of the cases of hypertension is 'unknown' and hence treatment being sought for in the physical body alone, completely ignoring the fact that we are conscious beings, with our every day thought and emotion have an impact on our physical bodies. Unfortunately, this style of treating the symptoms alone has become more or the less 'mainstream' - imbalance is ignored and the treatment merely attempts to temporarily restore balance through intake of anti hypertensive compounds. We are not questioning the effectiveness or the need of such an approach in handling the symptoms and the fact is that cure is often temporary - due to the simple reason that the cause is still operative. Always argue in your mind about effectiveness of treatment.
"This disharmony, disease, makes itself manifest in the body for the body merely serves to reflect the workings of the soul; just as the face reflects happiness by smiles, or temper by frowns. And so in bigger things; the body will reflect the true causes of disease (which are such as fear, indecision, doubt, etc.) in the disarrangement of its systems and tissues" - Dr. Bach
Disease - a person suffering is from within himself - in mental conflicts such as fears, depression, apathy, boredom, hatred etc. So, in healing focuses should be on removing from the patient’s mind these negative factors. Once this negative factor is out happiness is imminent.
In fact Ayurveda, Classical Homeopathy, ancient Chinese medicine all emphasize the importance of a virtuous and harmonious mind.
In healing with these herbs, the focus is on restoring balance and vitality to the patient. Changes in the psychological sphere as well as the general sense of vitality and well-being are often the first signs that show the healing process has begun. A sense of spiritual quiescence, mental harmony and physical well-being are complementary aspects to this system.
Bach flower remedies can eliminate a lot of negative emotions and heal the mind to a great extent.
I urge you to take advantage of this state to work towards the perfection of yourself, to explore your interests and to strive me be of the greatest service to yourself and to those around you.
The goal is our own perfection, and our diseases are understood to be merely corrective when we are on the right path.
Expert’s opinion on health
“citations for religious literatures”
"We have so long blamed the germ, the weather, the food we eat as the causes of disease; but many of us are immune in an influenza epidemic; many love the exhilaration of a cold wind, and many can eat cheese and drink black coffee late at night with no ill effects. Nothing in nature can hurt us when we are happy and in harmony, on the contrary all nature is there for our use and our enjoyment. It is only when we allow doubt and depression, indecision or fear to creep in that we are sensitive to outside influences. It is, therefore, the real cause behind the disease, which is of the utmost importance; the mental state of the patient himself, not the condition of body."
"Any disease, however serious, however long-standing, will be cured by restoring to the patient happiness, and strong desire to implement or carry on with his motive and work of his life"
"So again let us clearly understand that our physical illness is of no consequence whatsoever: it is the state of our minds, and that, and that alone, which is of importance."
"Disease is in essence the result of conflict between Soul and Mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort. Such efforts, if properly made with understanding can cure and prevent disease by removing those basic factors. No effort directed to the body alone can do more than superficially repair of damage since the cause is still operative and may at any moment again demonstrate its presence in another form."
".. We must realize that the short passage on this earth, which we know as life, is but a moment in the course of our evolution. Birth is infinitely far from our beginning and death is infinitely far from our ending. Our Souls is immortal, and the bodies of which we are conscious is temporary, merely as horses we ride to go a journey, or instruments we use to do a piece of work."
".. Then follows a fourth great principle, which so long as our Souls and personalities are in harmony, there is joy and peace, happiness and health. It is when our personalities are led astray from the path laid down by the Soul, either by our own worldly desires or by the persuasion that a conflict arises. This conflict is the root cause of disease and unhappiness. No matter what our work in the world - bootblack or monarch, landlord or peasant, rich or poor - so long as we do that particular work according to the dictates of the Soul, all is well; these contains lession of life and gives us the best advantage for the development of ourselves." You have to believe and experience this truth.
"So the perfect science of healing teaches and assists the person to develop that virtue which will make, once and for all, immunity against that adverse quality.
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