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Chronic Disease Treatment, Alternative Medicine Treatment, Alternative Medicine
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Know How of Alternative Medicine
Alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies. Each system has their own characteristics and benefits to give healing and cure in many ailments for human being. Each system of alternate medicine claim’s high for cure on its own way, so it is easy to understand that combine approach can give best result as per one’s expectations.

So why not to take advantage of the various systems? Advantages of various systems of medicine should be combined to offer best approach for the management of childless patients. This may give result faster, with less suffering and in economical way.

Chronic diseases are a very tragic and emotionally damaging and painful experience. Every patient whom I have started working has become far healthier soon with the start of treatment and it is this which give me sign that how far is the final cure result.
Each patient requires sympathy towards their problem and all their quarries should be solved with utmost satisfaction. Every individual and patients handles the emotions of chronic diseases treatment differently. Individualized approach is of utmost importance. Sympathetic, human and heartfelt approach is must. It is helpful when beginning of chronic diseases treatment to develop a perfect plan, so that patients can have an idea of how long to pursue a particular treatment...
I emphasize in the first consultation that how much time I will take - what will be my approach and what will be the cost of treatment. I do not string my patient along for a long time in the hope that it will work in the future. Consistently the time for each patient is ticking and if I am not successful with my one approach treatment within first months, I will be discussing with them and totally change the plan. But let me tell you mostly this is not required. I say this because of my statistical success rate is good and very perfect.

In Far East countries like Japan – Taiwan –Korea – china - people live for long years and they are healthy. WHY? They first depend on their herbal medicine and believe in nature. Healing forces are present within the body; you have to cooperate with the body's restorative powers.

We constantly see in our family or in friends’ circle that people suffer from chronic diseases. They go on taking medicines- spend lot and lots of money but never get healthy.

In today’s world of commercialism, people often miss out effective therapies, and lack the information and support they need.
When illnesses are due to body degeneration like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc most of drugs don't correct the underlying pathology. Long-term use of drugs never get people better, but slowly deteriorate due to side effects of the drugs, developing of poor immune function, advancing age problem and as time goes bye, more problems are “discovered,”- more organs are involved so more drugs are prescribed - like this circle goes on. At some point the conditions can become so severe that just do nothing and wait for end.

Do not suffer from chronic diseases for yourself or in your family and get total cure to remove root cause of disease. Tremendous suffering could be avoided, but people don't know the right method.

Body has all ingredients to make healing by its own, but we need to know how to cooperate with the body's restorative powers.
Chronic diseases can be cured through combined approach of various systems of medicine like ayurvedic, homeopathy, naturopathy …etc. One will be amazed to see the result after employing various systems of medicine. This gives result faster, with less suffering and in economical way. Combined approach of various alternative medicines can cover a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies which will correct body degeneration, give definite and good results.
The great thing about these ancient remedies is that they usually do not have the health risks that some modern techniques and medications have today. All you need is to make a perfect and intelligent decision about health.
In medical colleges only modern medical science (allopathy) is being taught. In these modern medical colleges alternative medicine is not being taught. Also in some countries all alternative medicine are not recognized. As well, guidance and treatment with alternative medicine is not available so easily. So for their bodily ailments, very few people think on the line of alternative medicines. Few do not have any idea about existence of alternative medicines!

Alternative medicine as it stimulates life energy within the body; complete cure from chronic diseases is possible. Alternative medicine can also correct surgical pathology, so can avoid surgeries. This stimulates healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels to restore vitality and creative engagement in life. I by combining innovative technologies, diverse clinical knowledge and extensive experience, bring you effective interventions that expand you range of health and make perfect health.

Now Alternative medicine is not "alternative" at all, but rather the basis of the health care system.
A body constitution and body requirement varies from individual to individual. Every individual and patients handles the changes of chronic diseases differently. Individualized approach is of utmost importance. Healing forces are present within the body, and the physician's role should be to assist the body’s natural state of homeostasis by cooperating with bodies efforts to heal it.
Sustained improvements in managing chronic diseases require better practice systems, very high doctors' skills, and more effective use of various alternative medicines.

I have organized and attended many seminars – workshops and conferences. I have been key-note speakers – panelist and also presented many medical research and general papers in various aspects of alternative medicine.
Through my vision, commitment to serve and determination to give as complete cure as possible, I develop a perfect plan. Perhaps you will not be able to find full knowledge of all various important systems of alternative medicine in any one medical Practitioner that is I. I am determined to give you most comprehensive, unique, customizable and convenient healthcare solutions.
Yours truly,

Dr Prakash Shah (Ahmedabad – Gujarat – INDIA)
Senior Practioners for management of chronic diseases
Alternative medicine is definitely useful
in cases of (think of alternative medicine in following)

  • Multiple organ involvement of disease
  • When you have been treated right but still improvement is not satisfactory
  • When desired drugs are not showing proper action.
  • Improvement is not as per expectation.
  • Before any major operations.
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