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My Mathodology
Respected valued patients,
Everybody will like to know, the nuts and bolts of how I work. From the patient first contacts me, through the case taking process, case analysis, repertorization, to case management and to sending medicines. I have cured many hundreds of cases over the last 37 years, and have been refining my method of working over time and again, and would like to share what I have come up that works for me.
Many of my admires- cured patients, have been insisting that I should give list of my cured patients and their opinion which I have received. They argue that how a stranger – far away - in need of right choice for a medical person will know about you and your abilities?
But I feel THIS will be self praise and also it is not thoroughly possible, as the list is very exhaustive, as I have cured almost all types of diseases - in all systems of body.
On first contact – taking case history I ask many questions. My questionnaire is very thorough, and nothing has been neglected. On computer all the information can be put where it belongs in the appropriate category, for all time to come.
Perhaps you will not be able to find such full knowledge of all various systems of medicine in any one medical Practitioner except myself.
I look at the case in manifold ways. After complete work-up, I reexamine and see if this is exactly what I am looking for or not. This is particularly important for a very precise diagnosis. I go deep within every systems of medicine. After through evaluation I make the prescription with confidence, and know that I have selected the right remedy for that patient. And then I go for the preparation of medicine.
The preparations of medicines are done under my direct and total control. Packing and forwarding is done as per international standard. Detailed instructions of how to utilize medicines are perfectly written in parcel. I also see that a punctual courier services is undertaken for surely reaching medicines in time and in good condition.
Though I have to put extra labor but I get the satisfaction that I have done my job and I have done it well. I have done my work in the spirit of Karma Yoga. I am sure to get the good result for all patients – as GOD has blessed me.
I have attended many seminars – workshops and conferences’. I have been key-note speakers – panelist and also presented many research and general papers. Every time I attend such meetings, I learn something new, exchanges ideas with experts and different worker. Means I keep my doors of my perception always open. LET ME BECOME PERFECT IN ALL ASPECTS OF MY WORKING. Let me become better and better each day at what I do? I want to give full satisfaction for each penny patients give to me.
I humbly put that this particular clarification and is demanded because you have not met me personally as well it is your right to have it.
Based on my longstanding experience with all aspects of chronic diseases, I will offer good scope for satisfactory solution to give final result, at almost very low cost and that too in less time. Please benefit from my long experience
God bless all of you. I love you all.
Yours truly,
Dr. Prakash Shah
Senior Practioners interested in management of chronic diseases
PHONE: - 091 79 2667 2700
Mobile:- 09879158791
Eye Opening Advice
Dear visitor of my web site,
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Believe me that combined approach of complimentary alternative medicine treatment will give much satisfied result you have never expected. This not only treat main problem but can change life. Can enthuse enjoyment in your life. Removes diseases from root cause. Modern – allopathic medicine does not do so. That's the kind of advice I am putting. The kind of advice that you can count on. In fact, I guarantee you're going to get all the results you want. Exactly what you need. You will get natural advice to change your life.

Many a times we wanted not only a Doctor but a guide / teacher who can understand the root cause of our problem and treat not only the problem but to teach us the way we should live. A person who can improve the quality of our life by applying easy and economical methods.


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In fact I have hobby to treat chronic diseases patients and I gets satisfaction of life when my patients gets success with such a simple advice when most powerful research does not give desired results.
The reason why I'm doing this is that I want to treat you how I wished all other business people would treat me when I'm in their place of business... like a VIP guest.
Your personal information is totally protected. You have my word.
I truly believe that... your life will become fine. Dramatically.
Please benefit from our long experience.

Can I expect your call?


I will do my best for your problem.

Yours truly,
Dr Prakash Shah
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